Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blah
-Grab Chipotle for dinner
-Eat and watch Simpsons
-See Josh off to the recording studio
-Wash towels and delicates
-Watch What Not to Wear and Clinton Kelly's home renovation
-Finish up some dvr'd Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted and read Newsweek
-Fall asleep on the couch
-Wake up when Josh gets home, brush teeth, and climb in bed

-Rise and shine
-Make a nice fruit smoothie- pineapple juice, banana, bit of yogurt and frozen raspberries
-Watch Rick Steves and Rick Bayless
-Have toast and coffee
-Watch dvr'd Men In Trees- omg wolves!
-Try and learn Hotel California on drums from Josh
-Get ready while watching WKRP
-Head to Dallas
-Have a great time at the Rock School show. Josh's students kicked butt!
-Visit with parents and kids
-Head back to Funkytown
-Grab some Jack In The Box
-Eat and freshen up
-Head to the Chat Room for We The Sea Lions show
-Head home and hit the couch
-Watch Graham Norton

-Sleep in
-Eat Josh's breakfast of eggs and toast
-Watch dvr'd Celebrity Rides with Burt Reynolds
-Work on weekly menu and grocery list
-Make drop off at Goodwill
-Head to Central Market for, gasp, more white dishes
-Stop off at Borders for the special holiday issue of Everyday Food and You: Staying Young
-Go home and eat Chipotle leftovers
-Watch dvr'd John Edward and Oprah episodes
-Josh gets home from errands
-Go to the grocery store
-Put everything up and order a pizza
-Grab a shower
-Eat and watch Simpsons, mmm chicken, black olives, and green pepper pizza
-Move to the bedroom so Josh can play his new PS3 game
-Watch Take The Lead while looking for Thanksgiving recipes
-Read a little and hit the hay


Pill Box Tales said...

It is always so nice to read your weekend roundup. I look forward to it every Monday.

So, when does Everyday Food actually come out? I only have two and I love it. I take so many recipes from it.