Friday, January 28, 2011

Not Dead Yet

Jeez, it's been forever since I had something to say. Thanks to school and a cold I've been pretty busy. I slept something like 15 hours yesterday, thanks to Nyquil and the illness that necessitated it. Since I last posted I've started school {hate it}, had the house's foundation examined {gotta repair it}, celebrated Josh's birthday {huzzah}, and seen The King's Speech three times {love it}. Okay, technically I've only seen it twice, but I've got plans to see the pre-noon showing with Mom tomorrow. We're smuggling in donuts {shhh}. I'm actually hoping {needing} to get a lot of stuff done this weekend. Tonight will be math homework, but I'm hoping it will be accompanied by a side of pizza or queso. Post morning movietimes tomorrow will be birthday shopping with Josh. He said he wanted clothes for his birthday. I also need to do some reading {Comp II and Govt}, some research, and some writing {History}. Our Service Learning Project this year is writing to an authority on behalf of a local historic building in need of preservation. I also desperately need to make a big batch of pancakes {Cinnamon Oat, mmmm} to stock the freezer for school days. There's the usual grocery shopping and laundry to be done {oh joy}. And on top of all that we need to get to work on a home inventory. There have apparently been several break-ins in the neighborhood, so that is on the urgent list- along with replacing the burned out bulb in the backyard and safety latches on the exterior doors that don't have them yet. It's beautiful and in the 70's outside today. I wish it could stay like this long enough for me to enjoy it, but it's supposed to be back to winter tempt by next week {sigh}. I'd love a picnic right about now.
A cool drink