Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, I survived my first day of school. My English Comp I class should be pretty good. We'll be focusing on writing about popular media, so it's nice that it has a connection, if ever so stretched, to what I'd like to major in- Radio, TV & Film. And the professor bears what I call a "bargain basement" resemblance to Colin Firth, so I should be able to stay focused. History, there's a lot of class participation which I'm not crazy about. Debates and the like, along with a service project and field trips. I get embarrassed having to speak in front of people, but I need to remind myself I'm there for me, not them- so who gives a crap what they think, right? Easier typed than done, ha. And then there's math. Algebra to be exact. The regular kind, cause I have to relearn it. Oy vey. I am not a fan of math, particularly Algebra. As soon as a big jumble of letters and numbers are written on the board, my mind just becomes foggy. I can never remember what to do first. Or next. Or last, for that matter. But I keep trying to re-frame it in my mind. Every time I say to myself "I hate math!", I adjust it to "I don't like math.", and then eventually I'll shift that to "I like math." And once we get there we'll consider it a miracle. Gotta hit from every angle. I'm hoping my decent writing skills will get me through the first two classes without too much of a struggle, so I can really put the effort into math that it's going to require.

But, the important part is I survived! Day one, at least, ha.


Miss Molly said...

Woohoo!! You're on your way! It sounds so scary to go back -- I'm amazed at people our age who do it.


Jessica said...

It's very strange, Alison. My English teacher is seriously only 2 years older than us! Then on the flip side of that, there are several students in my math for dummies class that are over 50.