Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Roundup

-Home to watch some Ghost Whisperer while waiting for Josh
-Grab some dinner from Chick-fil-a, spicy chicken sandwich two thumbs up!
-See Josh off to Back In Black show in Flower Mound
-A couple glasses of wine and internet chatting with Conan friends until late into the night
-Josh gets home from show

-Sleep in late
-Coffee and granola bar
-Clean house
-Josh leaves to rehearse with Matt
-Salad and nectarine for lunch
-Watch a bunch of HGTV while cruising home decor sites online
-Josh gets home with some grub
-Finish getting ready
-Head to Josh's mom's house to visit with his sister & family newly arrived from Washington
-Pizza, beer, Wii bowling and two rounds of Cranium late into the night
-Head home and crash into bed

-Sleep in late
-Work on menu plan and grocery list some
-Eggs and whole wheat banana pancakes from the freezer for a very late breakfast
-Finish menu plan and grocery list
-Get ready while Josh finishes changing his drum heads
-Grocery shopping
-Finally get the inflatable pool and pina colada mix for the white trash weekend I've been dreaming of
-Unload groceries and eat
-Water plants, harvest tomato and pepper, and tidy kitchen while Josh cleans the car and mows
-Josh's sister, bro-in-law, and niece come by with grub to see the house and hang out
-Lots of catching up and Beatles Rock Band
-Get ready for bed
-Lots of insomnia, restless sleep, and cat interruptions make for a rough night, boourns