Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-Get very upset with mortgage officer
-Go home
-Lots of laundry & working on recipe list
-Play DVR catch up- Starter Wife, Nanny McPhee, etc.
-Popcorn for dinner
-Wait for Josh to get home

-Egg & cheese toasters and coffee for breakfast
-Catch some Tim Gunn TV
-Get ready
-Poor tummy ache :(
-Head to Magic Etc. for Josh's Halloween costume
-Wander around Lowe's to dream about appliance shopping and grab paint samples
-Grab some Chik-fil-a for late lunch/early dinner
-More DVR and recipe work while Josh runs errands
-Josh home and settle in for Halloween movie- Psycho
-Climb in bed for some reading
-Hit the hay

-Oversleep again, so tired lately
-Cereal and coffee
-Finish menu plan and grocery list
-Get ready
-See Josh off to practice
-Watch Arsenic & Old Lace, Rear Window, and The Gay Divorcee during major closet purge
-Josh home and off to grocery shop
-Put up groceries
-Back to closet cleaning and watch Follow The Fleet
-Dinner of Mac & Cheese and Nathan's Hot Dog, mmmmm
-Finish closet work