Monday, October 13, 2008

Vacation Roundup

Saturday 10/4:
-Rise and shine
-Ready and out the door
-Pick up donuts and sausage rolls
-Meet up with In-laws
-Hit the road
-Long drive
-Wait in car line at port parking
-Wait in security line
-Wait in registration line
-Board the ship
-Wait in photograph line
-Hit our room
-Wander the ship
-Get ready for dinner
-Eat in Dining Room
-Back to room to make a drink
-A little time in the piano bar
-Hit the hay

Sunday, 10/5:
-Rise and shine
-Room service for breakfast
-Shower and get ready
-Do some wandering
-Lunch in the Dining Room with family
-Round of mini-golf with Andreas
-Lay out with a pina colada, chatting with Deana
-Get ready
-Captain's Welcome Party
-Captain's Dinner in the Dining Room
-Hit Chinatown for people watching
-Couple of tunes in the piano bar

Monday, 10/6:
-Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!
-Rise and shine, docked in Cozumel
-Room service breakfast, all mixed up
-Get ready
-Taxi to Nachi Cocom
-Relax on the beach, float in the cool ocean, drink pina coladas and Coronas, eat nachos and quesadillas
-Taxi back to boat, immediately miss Nachi Cocom
-Buy some vanilla and maracas
-Wait in line to board
-Back in room, shower
-Get ready
-Anniversary dinner in Dining Room
-Champagne, special song and celebratory tiramisu
-Change clothes
-Watch Jack in Guest Talent Show
-Chinatown again

Tuesday, 10/7:
-Rise and shine, docked in Progreso
-Breakfast on the Lido Deck
-Get ready
-Debark and find tour group
-Bus ride to Uxmal with Armando, Alfonso and Armando
-Explore Uxmal with Alfonso
-Climb Governor's Palace
-Get bitten by mosquito the size of fly
-Ice cream treat
-Back on the bus, long drive back
-Back on the boat
-Grab a Drink of the Day, Blue Margarita- whew!
-Visit with In-Laws
-Order Room Service and have movie night with Drea
-Head up to the Deck Party and Mexican Buffet

-Rise and shine
-Breakfast on Lido Deck, a little rainy
-Back to room to be lazy
-Back to Lido Deck for pina coladas
-Play TV Theme Trivia- I won!
-Have celebratory strawberry daiquiri
-Show off trophy to In-laws
-Grab some ice cream
-Walk around ship
-Bite to eat on Lido Deck
-Jazz at the coffee bar
-Back to room for a little nap
-Shower and get ready
-Last dinner in Dining Room, say goodbye to our head waiter Denis
-Change clothes
-Pack and set baggage out
-Stroll around the boat
-Enjoy the moonlight on the open water
-Watch a bit of television
-Hit the hay

-Rise and shine
-Get ready
-Get rest of carry luggage together
-Last breakfast on the Lido Deck
-Wait for our zone to be called
-Debark, find luggage and go through customs
-Wait for In-laws
-Get on the road
-Nap until Huntsville
-Pit stop at Dairy Queen!
-Arrive at In-law's
-Head back home
-Vacation over already!?!? Boooo!


Anonymous said...

sounds heavenly!

Nicole Marie said...

so fun.
show us pictures of the beautiful places!!