Monday, October 22, 2007

Porch Project

Mostly inspired by Mrs. Dorothy Draper's words in this book, but still feeling the after effects of that article in Blueprint, I endeavored to clean up our front porch this weekend. Thursday after work Mom and I went to Home Depot, Target and Michael's. It was too late to start when I got home, so after I had done some of my indoors chores on Friday I got to work. I honestly gave little care to the front porch for quite some time. Here are some before pictures.


I trimmed back the viney ground cover that had creeped it's way onto the porch, swept the ceiling, walls, and porch, disposed of the old tennis shoes and towel, washed the front door down, and emptied the pot of it's former contents. Then I put to use some of the things I had picked up on my shopping trip.



love.boxes said...

very nice! I love it!