Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Heart Swap #1

I realize it's taken me kind of forever to post about this, but last week I sent off my package to my I Heart Swap partner, Kristin. When thinking about what I'd like to include in my swap packages I try to do two things- avoid repeating a lot of the same ideas, and have some sort of theme or cohesion to the package so that it is a pretty sight when viewed for the first time. This time since I new I wanted to include the fall season as one of the things I loved, that inspired the colors involved in my choice of items and packaging. Here's a pic I took of the things I heart before I boxed it up to ship off to Kristin. Thanks to Stephanie for hosting a great swap! Look for the follow post with what I received soon.

i heart:
cooking- an issue of everyday food
pancakes- homemade wheat pancake mix and maple syrup
fall- mini pumpkin
lists- orange notepad
photography- black & white disposable camera
memories- magnet refrigerator frame
reese's pieces- self explanatory, i think


Holly said...

Did you take that picture with your new camera?

love.boxes said...

That was a great swap.. those things are darling!