Thursday, July 12, 2012

37 Minutes

I finished the 5K just under 37 minutes. Not the most impressive time, obviously, but I met my goal of running 2/3rds of the race. I also met my cousin's goal of finishing under 45 minutes. She came in about 3 minutes ahead of me. She'd been working out for 15 weeks and I'd been training for 5, so I don't feel too shabby about my results. We've already chosen our next 5K, the Color Me Rad run. It's September 8th, so I've got 8 weeks before this one. I'm still having trouble with my shins. I'm going to start adding some strengthening exercises to my routine. I'll alternate run/strength days. Right now my current plan is to do this "rear" routine, followed by something like this arm routine, then my 20 minute Pilates workout, followed by another go at the arm and butt workouts.

The rest of our trip up north was filled with family visits, dinners, picnics, and one late night at the local bar on Main Street.

Today I finally got a peek at the volunteer work I'll be doing at the National Archives starting next week. In just a cursory examination of the information I'll be indexing we stumbled across the story of a free colored woman buying her sister and then petitioning for her freedom in the Provisional Court of New Orleans. Very exciting stuff! It won't be all that as intriguing, but there's bound to be more gems among the typical court cases.

Josh unfortunately didn't get that job I mentioned in my last post. I guess it was indeed too good to be true. But he's got some good job listings to look into and another freelance project came his way last week, so things aren't looking too bad.