Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Dawesome

Saturday night Holly, Stephanie P, Amanda and I went to Sons of Hermann Hall to see Dawes. You might remember that name from when I gushed about seeing them the first time back in July. I seriously, seriously love this band. LURVE. Last time the girls got pics with some of the guys, and I was stuck taking most of them. This time around I made sure that I got pics with the cute boys. Amanda and I even got to chat with the singer/guitarist Taylor while we were standing out in front of the club before they played. I told him he was so cute that I wanted to pinch his cheek. So, basically, I came across as crazy. But whatever, it's true. I was right up front for the whole show, making some major eye contact with him, and singing along to every song (except for a couple of the new ones which I only half remembered from the last show). Snagged the pics after the show, and then we all made our ways home. Holly and I grabbed some late night grub from Whataburger, since we didn't eat before the show. And I fell asleep with pretty songs in my head. :)

Me and Taylor, guitarist/singer of Dawes Me and Alex, keys in Dawes
Me and Griffin, drummer of Dawes Me and Wylie, bassist of Dawes
Top to bottom: me & Taylor (guitar/vocals), me & Alex (keys), me & Griffin (drums) , and me & Wylie (bass)