Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tonight we're going to see Paul McCartney. There is no possible way I could express my excitement and anticipation through a little blog post. I often say The Beatles saved my life, and people probably think I'm being silly or over dramatic. But I'm not. When I was 14 I fell into a big pit of despair. That was my first episode of depression, and it was terrifying. To be 14 and think that you're losing your mind is a very scary experience. I stopped going to school, cut myself off from all my friends, didn't do, or care, about anything. And it was like that for months and months. But in the fall of 1996 The Beatles Anthology came on television. I had loved The Beatles as a kid, but they had somehow slipped out of my head as I grew older. But now I remembered how much I had loved them, and I had something to care about again. I listened to the music endlessly, watched their movies repeatedly, and read every book about them I could get my hands on. They really were a net that caught me in my free fall. And through the years they've continued to buck me up. And tonight I get to stand with my husband and my best friends and see Paul McCartney.