Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Didn't get near as much done this weekend as I'd hoped, but I guess I'll chalk it up to all the rainy weather. Seems to make me move at a snail's pace.

-Work, blech
-Stop by Mom's to pick up Grandpa's yearbooks
-Looks through pics with Mom at the casa to see if we can find Grandpa's students
-Hit Container Store to make a return and get an extra shelf for Josh's desk
-Grab some Chipotle and head back home
-Eat and catch up on 30 Rock
-A bit of reading

-Sleep in
-Fruit smoothies and coffee for breakfast
-Clean living room cushions
-Put new slipcover on chair
-Alphabetize DVDs and put in cabinet
-Turn leftover Chipotle into a salad for lunch
-Watch thunderstorm and hail out our big living room window
-Sweep living room
-Shower and get ready
-Snack of oatmeal and hot tea while watching Antiques Roadshow
-Worry that the garage is going to flood, discuss water deterrent options
-Head to Niki's so the boys can practice
-Look at wedding pics with Veronica
-Head to Dallas for Fate Lions show
-Hang out with everyone and enjoy the show
-Walk to the car in the rain, boooo
-Climb in bed for a bit of reading
-Fall asleep with book and get tucked in by Josh, awwww

-Coffee and oatmeal for breakfast
-Make meal plan and grocery list
-Get ready
-Head to Southlake for Rock School show
-Visit with Kim and Fred
-Drop drums off and hit the grocery stores
-Unload our cargo and start dinner
-Shrimp Tacos and Spicy Black Beans while watching Michael J. Fox's Inside the Actors Studio
-Feel beaten down by a day in the chilly air
-Take a shower and climb into bed
-Several episodes or As Time Goes By
-A little reading
-Lights out


Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I'll be reading! I'll check out your other blog too :)

Have a wonderful day!